1. Select the catalog of your preference to make the search of the item you want.

2. Search the product or products you want.

3. Copy/paste the code of the product on the form supplied to make your order


4. Complete al the information required in the form, (quantity, size, color(s),  parcel service desired, etc.


5. If you need a logo  embroidered or serigraphy job please complete the information  required. Please attach the art work and specifications of the logo


6. Send the form at the addres provided, we will make a quote of the order.


7.  If you  accept the quote,  we will make an invoice iby paypal and we will send you at your e-mail address.

8. You will pay the invoice in paypal.

9. We will make the digitizing or the sample of the embroidery job.

10. If you approve,  we will make your order,  and we will make the shippment  on the time at the address designated for you.

Thank you, message received